I was raised in a remote fishing village on the northern tip of Cape Breton Island in Atlantic Canada. I attended university in Halifax and have subsequently lived for extended periods in Cape Breton, Johannesburg, and New Delhi. I currently live in Rio de Janeiro.

I have degrees in Art, Art History and Film, and I’ve worked in film and television as a director and producer. I’ve made documentaries about development, politics and education. I’ve also worked on social development and education projects including community radio and television, in both North America, Africa, and on the Indian sub-continent.

I am a community activist and an educator. I am fascinated by the process of social change as it plays out through communities and within social institutions such as schools and television stations. The stories we tell — the narratives we construct —  about ourselves and our experiences within these institutions and through these periods of change, this is the stuff of filmmaking, of community organizing, and also, I believe, of quality education. I love these stories.