I was raised in Bay St. Lawrence on the northern tip of Cape Breton Island. I attended university in Halifax and have subsequently lived for extended periods in Cape Breton, Johannesburg, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City. I currently live in Halifax.

I have degrees in educational technology, art, art history and film production and I’ve worked in educational settings as an instructional designer and in film and television as a director and producer. I’ve also worked on social development projects everywhere I’ve lived and have recent training in the art and science of project management.

In my latest incarnation here in Halifax, I am drawing on my diverse strengths and interests as I forge a new path as a consultant working with government, educational institutions, art organizations, and businesses on special projects aimed to draw in community and increase engagement.

As a community organizer and an educator, I am particularly fascinated by the process of social change as it plays out through communities and within social institutions such as schools and television stations. The stories we tell — the narratives we construct —  about ourselves and our experiences within these institutions and through these periods of change, this is the stuff of filmmaking, of community development, and of expansive education.