Dibocor’s Salt (2008) I made this film with former Newsday correspondent, Samson Mulugeta for the Canadian NGO, Micronutrient Initiative, now called Nutrion International. We shot

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The Yurt

The Yurt In 1999, I built a yurt in northern Cape Breton. Actually, my little round cabin bares little resemblance to the nomadic tents from

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Soweto TV

Together with Tsepo Thafeng and Jerry Ramaboa, I founded the first free-to-air, community television station in Soweto. Against all odds, we managed to obtain a

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Math Rocks! App

Math Rocks! is a Math Education App for iPad for elementary-level students and teachers. It teaches kids number sense, presenting a model of our number

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Book cover for 28: Stories of AIDS in Africa by Stephanie Nolen

28 Book Promo

The book, 28: Stories of AIDS in Africa (2006) is a powerful piece of nonfiction, written by my partner, Stephanie Nolen, telling the individual stories

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A circus ringmaster in a striped jacket and top hat.

The Ringmaster (2005)

The Ringmaster was a reality TV series that I made together with Michael Lee and Manu Padayachee for SABC in South Africa. Our idea was

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Movie poster for SA/X

SA/X (2004)

SA/X is a comic mock-documentary, set in Johannesburg ten years after the end of apartheid. It celebrates a city both tattered and triumphant, and an

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